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Why Us

The British Council is committed to working with quality agents who represent UK institutions.Their work with agents, advisors, counselors, and consultants revolves around promoting and supporting quality, professionalism, and integrity. Training is a core component of their strategy.


“ICEF Agent” stands for a uniquely professional principle in our industry. The principle is based on 20+ years of business experience and has been perfected throughout this period. Simply put, they are concerned about quality – we pride ourselves on having the strictest, most comprehensive and diligent quality controls. The underlying process is on the one hand built up of the ICEF Agent Screening and the ICEF Agency Recognition Programme; on the other hand, built up of the ICEF Agent Training with its specific Professional Courses and Destination Courses.

WEBA (World Educate Business Association) is an umbrella organization and international voice for Education Business Partnerships working around the world. It is a membership organization with a growing number of Associate and Business Members (AGENTS, EDUCATION PROVIDERS, STUDY ABROAD COUNSELLORS)

Study World

Study World London has been a respected agent workshop for all serious study abroad professionals since 1969. They are different because they listen to what the industry wants, so ensure all delegates are people you’ll want to do business with. Study Travel conferences involve face to face meetings of about half an hour each between agents (who recruit and advise students) and educators (who want international students to attend their institution).

ETN Focus Workshops are agent fairs focused on diversifying your international student body. They connect local agents with universities and institutions from all over the world.